Security is an important issue for companies in every aspect. For all companies the CCTV cameras, fingerprint devices, smart cards, firewalls, antivirus, computer and server security, etc. are always discussed. The risk of unwanted connections, especially when servers and computers are completely connected to the internet, is always very dangerous.

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It is a program or device that protects computers and prevent unwanted access while they are connected to networks and internet.

1-It inspects all information and data received from any network.

2-Allow data to pass through to the computer (or server) when it is confirmed and compatible with the firewall settings.

3-Excludes data if it is malware or spyware

4-It continuously updates the globally recorded blacklists of harmful data and spyware via a special cloud for protection producing companies

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Cloud networks

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Cloud servers

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Security and Protection

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Fingerprint protection systems

Large companies or with multiple branches need a system to control the performance of employees in attendance and departure and follow them up in one place in the main center, which will positively affect the general results of the performance of the company as a whole and raise the productivity of employees and this is what we provide to our customers from business owners and companies by connecting the networks of the fingerprint device in the branches With the company’s own systems in the server, synchronizing data between sub and central databases, and operating the cloud system via the Internet

With our cloud services, you will get

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A dedicated team of engineers are always ready to assist you

Highly qualified and internationally certified engineers are always ready to support anytime, anywhere .

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Confidentiality and Security

Our customer’s confidentiality is one of our main concerns, therefore we make a complete commitment to them privacy.
Our services guarantee you security and privacy in order to keep your business confidential.

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Our services are in everywhere with you!

Quick response to problems that hinder work and the ability to solve them, and achieve significant savings that benefit the company

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