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Hosting Cloud servers , Renting Cloud servers, Annual maintenance of servers.

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In order to ensure that our technical staff is of distinguished scientific qualifications and high experience to provide our services with full efficiency and in a timely manner to preserve the wasted time and effort as a result of any technical defect in institutions and companies.

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What do we Services ?

cloud servers

If you have a multi-branch company, you will definitely need a technical system that keeps you up to date on the work of the branches at any time you want without the hassle of permanent movement between them, especially if the branches are spread in more than one place in the world ..

With our services, you be up to date 24/7 connection between the head office and the branches through our cloud networks

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شبكات سحابية

cloud networks

Through our Co-location and renting Cloud Server services in TECHNOLOGY FRIEND, you can manage all your data and applications integrated. with Co-Location (Renting a cabin for your server from us) your server will be supported by a multi-source electricity system, a high-speed internet system, a security system and a strong firewall. In this case all the employees can continue working 7/24 from anywhere at any time. Or book for a full ready to use cloud server from us. With our Cloud Servers and Cloud Computing services you will have an end-to-end encrypted application running and data access with 7/24 full free support

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سيرفرات سحابية


With the rapid technological development, the risk and anxiety increase, and the importance of security and protection solutions that enable you to be reassured of running a safe work “under full control” is not subject to any traditional communication and cannot be penetrated, so we offer you our services in this field.

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Full annual maintenance service for central data units or servers and peripherals, including software and all general operational programs in narrow local networks (LAN) or wide (WAN) completely.

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As we are an agents of many international security companies systems … We protect your work with all means of security and protection

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You will not have a problem with slowness in the network, as the server has a high speed performance.

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Your business will not be affected by any potential pressures from other servers thanks to your server being completely isolated from them.

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The server has a great development ability to keep pace with what your business reaches and needs without stopping.

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Your business does not need to be interrupted or suspended for a period of time due to maintenance or update work, the support is ongoing 24/7

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24/7/365 Tech Support

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We are proud of our customers and we strive to serve them continuously

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