Annual maintenance

Data losing or a component of servers suddenly or without knowing the reason is the biggest problem that companies suffer, whether they are medium or large companies or even startup, as the data in our time is the basis of all business Avoid such losses with an annual maintenance service from a Technology Friend that help you to avoid such this problem.





Computer Maintenance

Computers need continuous checking up, especially for companies, to ensure business continuity without any interruption.

Technology Friend offers full annual maintenance service for:

  1. Central data units.
  2. Servers and client PCs in LAN or WAN networks between branches
  3. Software, parts, and all general operational software

All What You Need

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Cloud networks

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Cloud servers

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Security and Protection

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Our maintenance services

With the expertise of our technical cadres in the qualification, preparation, and maintenance, we were able to provide our services fullest extent and with the advantages of the few that come together in one team, including

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Quick responding

When you encounter any problem in the network, it will solve it quickly to ensure that your work continues without interruption.

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Safety in handling data.

Your data will be completely confidential and will not be confused with another network to ensure the privacy of your business.

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Efficiency at work

We provide a level of service that guarantees the efficiency and quality of the network.

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Continuity in follow-up

We follow up with you permanently to ensure the continuation of your work without problems or interruption, and to be with you when an emergency occurs.

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Lower cost and greater saving

The annual maintenance contract will be significantly more economical for you than having on-demand maintenance.

With our cloud services, you will get

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A dedicated team of engineers are always ready to assist you

Highly qualified and internationally certified engineers are always ready to support anytime, anywhere .

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Confidentiality and Security

Professional and ethical commitment to the privacy of each client and the confidentiality of his data is one of our principles, as our services guarantee you complete privacy and security

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Our services reach you wherever you are

Quick response to problems that hinder work and the ability to solve them, and achieve significant savings that benefit the company

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