Security and Protection

As agent for many international companies in the field of security systems we offer you our services to surround your business with all means of security.





Our services in Security and protection


To enjoy a workflow free of problems caused by penetration and interference, you need a highly efficient protection system provided to you by Technology Friend through a package of services that deal with corporate security and protection.

  • Installing a firewall.
  • Scanning the devices and networks and clean them from viruses.
  • Installing all kinds of monitoring systems (CCTV).
  • Installation and maintenance of fingerprint systems.
  • Backup management.

All What You Need

All what you need from cloud computing to improve the performance of your work can be provided in maximum two hours at Technology Friend. Our Cloud Servers are supported by professional engineers 7/24 for free.



Cloud Servers

Cloud networking



It is a program or device that protects computers and prevent unwanted access while they are connected to networks and internet.

  • It inspects all information and data received from any network.
  • Allow data to pass through to the computer (or server) when it is confirmed and compatible with the firewall settings.
  • Excludes data if it is malware or spyware.

Get your Cloud Server

Simplicity in work is the secret of professionalism. The steps to to book cloud server from us are simple.

Step One
Determine your business needs
Step Two
Constructive discussion to determine what your business needs and to agree on details
Step Three
Prepare(implementation) and configure the services by our team to deliver it to you on time
Fingerprint systems


companies with multiple branches need a system to control the performance of employees in attendance which reflects positively on the general results of the performance of the company as a whole and raise productivity for employees by ensuring that they communicate with the server 24 hours to perform their tasks.

  • Connect the networks of the fingerprint device in the branches with the company’s systems in the server.
  • Data synchronization between sub data and central databases.
  • Operation of the fingerprint system in the cloud.

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