Annual maintenance

Full annual maintenance service for servers and peripherals in a fully LAN or WAN network including software, hardware, and all programs and operating systems.





Annual maintenance contracts


data losing or a component of servers suddenly or without knowing the reason is the biggest problem that companies can suffer, whether they are medium or large companies or even startup, as the data in our time is the basis of all business

Avoid such losses with an annual maintenance service from a Technology Friend that help you to avoid such this problem.

  • Servers.
  • Local PCs (Client PCs).
  • Networking LAN or WAN.
  • Security and surveillance systems.

All What You Need

All what you need from cloud computing to improve the performance of your work can be provided in maximum two hours at Technology Friend. Our Cloud Servers are supported by professional engineers 7/24 for free.



Cloud Servers

Cloud networking

Computer Maintenance


Computers need continuous checking up, especially for companies, to ensure business continuity without any interruption.

Technology Friend offers full annual maintenance service for:

  • Central data units.
  • Servers and client PCs in LAN or WAN networks between branches.
  • Software, parts, and all general operational software.

Get your Cloud Server

Simplicity in work is the secret of professionalism. The steps to to book cloud server from us are simple.

Step One
Determine your business needs
Step Two
Constructive discussion to determine what your business needs and to agree on details
Step Three
Prepare(implementation) and configure the services by our team to deliver it to you on time
Our maintenance services


With the expertise of our technical cadres in the qualification, preparation, and maintenance, we were able to provide our services fullest extent and with the advantages of the few that come together in one team, including:

  • Quick responding.
  • Safety in handling data.
  • Efficiency at work.
  • Continuity in follow-up.
  • Lower cost and greater saving.

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