Cloud Servers

It is a global services for the owners of ambitious and expansion companies that carry out their work in more than one place through official branches or agents and collaborators in various regions either internally or anywhere in the world, by running their cloud servers via the Internet around the world not affected by borders or political, security and economic fluctuations between countries.

Including what is specialized to run applications which was built to be ready to run applications safely and quickly and does not need to be adapted and modified and this is our specialty.

and there are another type Including open servers to be adapted and according to the need and efficiency of the technical staff in the requesting company.





Centralized Management


Technology Friend’s offers best Co-Location and Cloud Server services for companies which they can manage an integrated central data unit. With this service clients can access data and operate their systems remotely. Our Cloud Servers are cost effective, safe and fast. Cloud Computing is the method we use in our servers and offer it for our clients. With Could Computing technology accessing data is much easy, fast, safe and running all Windows-based applications on any operating system at anytime in anywhere.

  • Servers are running 7/24 with high-speed internet.
  • High security and strong firewall.
  • Free maintenance, with guaranteed access for authorized users only.
  • Encrypted access for the applications with Parallels technology including five users for free.
  • Back up ability to the personal computers at any time.

All What You Need

All what you need from cloud computing to improve the performance of your work can be provided in maximum two hours at Technology Friend. Our Cloud Servers are supported by professional engineers 7/24 for free.



Cloud Servers

Cloud networking

Cloud Computing Access


Cloud Server and Cloud Computing is very effective on the IT cost and time saving. With Cloud Computing reduce extra payments and wasting of the time.

  • The cost of owning servers for your company while you can subscribe to a giant database with integrated services, higher security and less investment.
  • The cost of the Server.
  • The cost of setting local network on servers.
  • The cost of the security systems and the firewall.
  • The cost of maintenance, replacement and depreciation of the private (local)servers.
  • High-speed internet subscription cost, while you can get it with cloud servers for free.
  • Static IP subscription cost.

Get your Cloud Server

Simplicity in work is the secret of professionalism. The steps to to book cloud server from us are simple.

Step One
Determine your business needs
Step Two
Constructive discussion to determine what your business needs and to agree on details
Step Three
Prepare(implementation) and configure the services by our team to deliver it to you on time
Cloud server features


Working with cloud servers gives you many advantages that contribute to the safe and effective completion of your business.

  • A specialized central database for running applications.
  • High speed internet and static IP gives you 7/24 access.
  • Very high data protection and encrypted access for every user.
  • Supervision from a staff specialized in cloud technology.
  • Five free Parallels RAS users with each server.
  • The ability to make a daily backup on your personal computer.
  • Automatic data backup and retrieval from the server.
  • Direct support of the client’s PCs.
  • Ability to run applications on any device from any OS.

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