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Cloud computing is a technology that does not require access to the desktop to run applications remotely. It connects the user to the icon of the application directly and mostly does not using Microsoft RDP.

The added value of this type of network is that it deals with the regular icon or is based on equal cloud technology as a cloud application, and it has proven speed is at least 3 to 4 times higher than traditional networks

With some differences in characteristics and the level of properties also the additional precautions for each company.

You can compare and choose the most appropriate, as we collected for you a wonderful group of this type of solutions. You can request the service under the guarantee and responsibility of our company, including complete maintenance from all our branches directly





Networks and operating systems


If you have a multi-branch company, you will need a technical system that keeps you up to date on the work of the branches at any time you want. Even if the branches are spread in more than one place, through the cloud network service provided by the technology friend you will be able to:

  • Connect virtual networks to share files and printers between branches.
  • Installing and preparing fingerprint devices and linking them to one system in the main administration.
  • Install and configure virtual desktop and large databases.
  • Configure Exchange server.
  • Preparing all types of servers and their requirements.
  • Connect the phone extension between branches all over the world.

All What You Need

All what you need from cloud computing to improve the performance of your work can be provided in maximum two hours at Technology Friend. Our Cloud Servers are supported by professional engineers 7/24 for free.



Cloud Servers

Cloud networking

Solutions that abbreviate costs


Our services in installing and setting up the cloud networks that we provide to companies will not end to this extent, they create to include full responsibility for:

  • setting up
  • Maintenance
  • Security

Get your Cloud Server

Simplicity in work is the secret of professionalism. The steps to to book cloud server from us are simple.

Step One
Determine your business needs
Step Two
Constructive discussion to determine what your business needs and to agree on details
Step Three
Prepare(implementation) and configure the services by our team to deliver it to you on time
Connect multi-network

The companies with multiple branches need to be linked to each other through private networks to keep the main center update on everything that happens in the branches. Through the technology of cloud server and cloud access (Cloud Computing) with the best international programs in the cloud field, provided by the Technology Friend company and includes several below options as needed:

  • Short and long-range wireless networks.
  • LAN, WAN and VPN network.
  • Data synchronization network and fingerprint system for attendance and departure between branches and the main center.

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